The Opportunities for the African Streaming Options

Streaming TV, which allows you to stream popular TV channels without a TV set, was recently launched in the Africa. Does this mean the final demise of television? Will we be streaming or downloading content online in the future and throwing our TVs on the bulky waste?

The Pros And Cons Of Tv And Streaming

We probably will not part with our TV sets that fast. But what advantages does television have over cable or satellite over video-on-demand providers like Stream TV and movies with Demand Africa,Netflix,Maxdome, Flimmit or Amazon Prime Instant Video? We are looking for differences and similarities.


What is increasingly criticized on classical television is the linear, rigid offer: I have to watch a program when it is broadcast. But for this TV is waiting with more variety:

TV: TV channels not only offer movies and TV shows, but also music channels, sports channels, local news, live shows like DSDS and other formats that you cannot (yet) stream.

Streaming: The range of films and series that can be streamed or downloaded on-demand is endless. For more specialized content, however, you have to search specifically in online video stores of TV channels and may pay extra.


In picture and sound quality there are quite considerable differences between TV and streaming: this point clearly goes to the classic television.

TV: No one would argue that broadcasting in HD quality and surround sound on a large plasma screen or in home theater is a unique television experience.

Streaming: Slow internet and longer load times can interrupt streaming and affect the viewing experience. Small laptop or tablet screens and the poorer sound quality also reduce the experience factor.


In this point, it depends on how much choice and quality one wants to have: TV can be received via satellite, in principle, free of charge, except for any installation or GIS fees .

TV: If you want better quality and more choice via satellite, offers for example the Kombi Austria package from HD Austria. This costs 14.90 € per month and includes the most popular private channels of ProSieben to RTL in crisp HD resolution and additional digital pay-TV channels with exclusive premium content in the fields of sports, erotica, movies, documentaries, lifestyle, music and action

Conclusion: Depending On the Mood Decide

In reality, TV cannot be compared to streaming: Content and usage behavior are just too different. If you just want to switch off after work, turn on the TV. If you want to watch a particular movie or start a serial marathon, you can go back to streaming providers. For example, the majority of households will probably stick to the motto “Best of both worlds” in the future: TV and streaming complement each other and are used according to mood and occasion.