Kevin Sheehan’s Success Tips: Little Nuggets of Truth to Remember

Kevin Sheehan is a well-known business mogul with decades of experience as a chief executive officer and President. Previously at Norwegian Cruise Line and now at Scientific Games, he has come across many obstacles in his way to success. Setbacks and failures only make a person stronger and more resilient to new business opportunities. Sheehan has decided to share with the world his five top tips to avoid when on the job, especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur of a small business.


  • Let Go of the Little Good for Nothing Voice in Your Head: Have you ever been in the office, thinking to yourself about that the small mistake you made that day (either you forgot to send a conference confirmation e-mail to your client and messed up the times, or you double charged a client, or your time was eaten up by a business development call and you couldn’t add the perfected detail on a project) and hearing the pounding voice in your head stating “you’re not good enough”. These little gremlins are only good for keeping you calm in your comfort zone. Break away from these good for nothing negativity spurts and realize that you can only achieve greatness by taking a chance and potentially failing here or there.
  • You are Blinded by Struggle, Not by the Opportunity at Hand: Think of this as a lesson in positive thinking. A contribution to Kevin Sheehan’s great success in a handful of Fortune 500 companies is due to his positive perceptions of tricky situations. You grow, live and learn more from obstacles and should thus welcome them full-force into your karma.
  • Failing to Celebrate your Small Victories: Maintaining consistent levels of motivation can be a difficult part of the race of the game. The same way you don’t want to take any of your failures to hard where it will start to bling your ability to see the opportunity unfold, you also want to make sure that you go out and celebrate that project that you sent in a day early to your client or the elephant client who has agreed to top off the contract with an extra $5,000 per month moving forward. Pop open the champagne in the office and get your other employees thrilled with the good news.