Brad Roemer Says Tragedy Brought Country Music Fans Together

What does it mean to be country and love country music? When tragedy hits, people get together for the love of humanity and the support that is needed after cruelty and havoc is bound off the stages of a Jason Aldean performance. In October, Las Vegas had a shockingly abrupt nightmare happen during the country music festival. The festival goers were abruptly stopped from parading around in high spirits when a mass shooter from a nearby hotel layed out open fire into the crowd, which had congregated together in open-style grounds. Some thought it was firecrackers at first since the panging of the shots were consistent, only to then realize that it was a semi-automatic rifle that was being used openly at the crowd. Imagine a night where you are getting together to finally drink a beer with your friends and sing high pitched for the love of country music in the city of Las Vegas, only to be defeated and stopped by pure evil.


A Family that Stands in Solidarity

Country music is a family, a tight community that prays on living for the good things in life, loving their family, spouses, friends and pets, and standing together in solidarity for the greatness that can be found amongst others. Brad Roemer was there on that fateful night, in the crowds after having performed only the other day. He wanted to rejoice in Jason Aldean’s performance for he had never heard him live and was a grand fan of songs such as “You Make it Easy” and “My Kinda Party”. Country and beer go hand-in-hand, and along with the plaid shirts and cowboy hats the attendees may have been wearing, just take a minute to imagine how many people were inebriated. How many people weren’t fully conscious to realize that what was happening was a deathly incident that the United States would never forget? Brad Roemer hid behind a table the entire time that the mass shooting was happening, realizing that every time the crowd got up to run the shots went off again. He also didn’t want to move for fear that the SWOT team would shoot him accidentally, mistaking him for an offender.


What Country Music Does to Us

Music isn’t only about listening attentively to a song and rejoicing in its chords, lyrics and ballad. It’s about the emotion that it brings forward, the inspiration that causes you to leap forward and bring someone closer to you or help out a stranger. It’s more than just a string of lyrics and tunes stuck together for you to dance around in. While 851 people were injured at the festival, 59 died. That’s one too many victims of this mass shooting.

Breathe Better — Get Handy to Change Your Sheets Every Week

Do you ever have a difficult time falling asleep? Yes, a change in season most definitely can take some adjusting to. Say you are used to going to bed in the dark and waking up with the sun, and all of a sudden it’s dark while you’re on your way to work. You may find yourself feeling groggy and annoyed at almost everything. However, even if you do get your anointed number of sleep hours, you may realize that you have difficulty feeling rejuvenated come morning time. This may be because the quality of your air is suffering, in which you are inevitably breathing in and out every second of the day. Get rid of those pesky, no-good allergens and curb those long-term negative effects that bad air can have on your health. Some of the effects include headaches, increased fatigue, lack of good sleep and dry eyes. You may need to invest in a few products or appliances, but the positivity it will have on your physical health is more than worth it.

First things first, when was the last time you changed your air vents? If this is an annoying task for you that you find yourself never having the time to do, there’s no reason to prolong it if you have already hired a Handy staff member to join you from 5:00 to 8:00 PM for an apartment cleaning every week. Ask your favourite personnel to simply clean through your air vents, they’d be more than happy to do this for you. This will prevent Handy from having to go in and dust it every week, instead opting for a deep-cleanse of your air systems. Also, heating and cooling will be made much more efficient and you’ll spend less on the utilities bill every month!


Another thing that goes hand in hand with cleaning your air vents is changing your air filters altogether. Again, a Handy professional can enlist in this job by simply switching out your air filter for a brand-new one every month if you have pets or bad allergies (the dust that accumulates can only irritate you more), or every year when spring crawls around. You can simply leave a comment that you’d like this to be done in the note section of the Handy app or let them know at the beginning of the session (if you will be present).


Another nightmare in the making that can be avoided is the choice of laundry detergents and  fabric softeners that you use. Opt for an organic type that will not pack on the toxic allergens that may even instigate allergies the you have never thought yourself of having. Look for the “air-friendly” icon next time you’re at your local Walmart.


If you’re not washing your bedsheets and pillows on a daily basis, then you’re in for a rough time. This is something Handy can do every week for you, however it may mean an extra hour of work for them so let them know ahead of time so that you both have the proper scheduling expectations. Dust mites can crawl through your pillows and sheets, something that can make those incessant sneezes get even worse!

Kevin Sheehan’s Success Tips: Little Nuggets of Truth to Remember

Kevin Sheehan is a well-known business mogul with decades of experience as a chief executive officer and President. Previously at Norwegian Cruise Line and now at Scientific Games, he has come across many obstacles in his way to success. Setbacks and failures only make a person stronger and more resilient to new business opportunities. Sheehan has decided to share with the world his five top tips to avoid when on the job, especially if you are a first-time entrepreneur of a small business.


  • Let Go of the Little Good for Nothing Voice in Your Head: Have you ever been in the office, thinking to yourself about that the small mistake you made that day (either you forgot to send a conference confirmation e-mail to your client and messed up the times, or you double charged a client, or your time was eaten up by a business development call and you couldn’t add the perfected detail on a project) and hearing the pounding voice in your head stating “you’re not good enough”. These little gremlins are only good for keeping you calm in your comfort zone. Break away from these good for nothing negativity spurts and realize that you can only achieve greatness by taking a chance and potentially failing here or there.
  • You are Blinded by Struggle, Not by the Opportunity at Hand: Think of this as a lesson in positive thinking. A contribution to Kevin Sheehan’s great success in a handful of Fortune 500 companies is due to his positive perceptions of tricky situations. You grow, live and learn more from obstacles and should thus welcome them full-force into your karma.
  • Failing to Celebrate your Small Victories: Maintaining consistent levels of motivation can be a difficult part of the race of the game. The same way you don’t want to take any of your failures to hard where it will start to bling your ability to see the opportunity unfold, you also want to make sure that you go out and celebrate that project that you sent in a day early to your client or the elephant client who has agreed to top off the contract with an extra $5,000 per month moving forward. Pop open the champagne in the office and get your other employees thrilled with the good news.


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