Breathe Better — Get Handy to Change Your Sheets Every Week

Do you ever have a difficult time falling asleep? Yes, a change in season most definitely can take some adjusting to. Say you are used to going to bed in the dark and waking up with the sun, and all of a sudden it’s dark while you’re on your way to work. You may find yourself feeling groggy and annoyed at almost everything. However, even if you do get your anointed number of sleep hours, you may realize that you have difficulty feeling rejuvenated come morning time. This may be because the quality of your air is suffering, in which you are inevitably breathing in and out every second of the day. Get rid of those pesky, no-good allergens and curb those long-term negative effects that bad air can have on your health. Some of the effects include headaches, increased fatigue, lack of good sleep and dry eyes. You may need to invest in a few products or appliances, but the positivity it will have on your physical health is more than worth it.

First things first, when was the last time you changed your air vents? If this is an annoying task for you that you find yourself never having the time to do, there’s no reason to prolong it if you have already hired a Handy staff member to join you from 5:00 to 8:00 PM for an apartment cleaning every week. Ask your favourite personnel to simply clean through your air vents, they’d be more than happy to do this for you. This will prevent Handy from having to go in and dust it every week, instead opting for a deep-cleanse of your air systems. Also, heating and cooling will be made much more efficient and you’ll spend less on the utilities bill every month!


Another thing that goes hand in hand with cleaning your air vents is changing your air filters altogether. Again, a Handy professional can enlist in this job by simply switching out your air filter for a brand-new one every month if you have pets or bad allergies (the dust that accumulates can only irritate you more), or every year when spring crawls around. You can simply leave a comment that you’d like this to be done in the note section of the Handy app or let them know at the beginning of the session (if you will be present).


Another nightmare in the making that can be avoided is the choice of laundry detergents and  fabric softeners that you use. Opt for an organic type that will not pack on the toxic allergens that may even instigate allergies the you have never thought yourself of having. Look for the “air-friendly” icon next time you’re at your local Walmart.


If you’re not washing your bedsheets and pillows on a daily basis, then you’re in for a rough time. This is something Handy can do every week for you, however it may mean an extra hour of work for them so let them know ahead of time so that you both have the proper scheduling expectations. Dust mites can crawl through your pillows and sheets, something that can make those incessant sneezes get even worse!